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A great pal of mine, Author Ty Bollinger, interviewed me for an extremely interesting program.

His task is a series called “The Quest for The Cures“; it will highlight a lot of the essential concerns I go over here on this site. This program will go live around the world March 30 th,2015 In this 11 part documentary, Ty journeys the nation talking to 51 medical professionals, scientists, and a number of cancer survivors to resolve their favored techniques of holistic care.

I think in Mr. Bollinger’s objective and I desire all my readers to view “The Quest for The Cures Continues”. Please click the banner above or this link listed below to book your area to view this Free Live Event.

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When you tune in to The Quest for the Cures Continues, here is a sneak peek at what you will will be finding out.

Episode 1: Modern Medicine & & The Cancer Pandemic

In order to comprehend the existing state of affairs of medical practice in the Western World, it’s.
important to comprehend precisely how we got here.

In this episode, we’re going to delve into the time pill and go all the method back over100
years to the turn of the 20 th century and discover how we got ourselves into this mess.

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Episode 2: Your First Line Of Defense …

Did you understand … that lots of oncologists think that cancer can not exist in a body whose body immune system is working appropriately?

In this episode you’ll discover simply how crucial your body immune system is for battling, ruining, and obviously avoiding the advancement of cancer and lots of other illness.

Episode 3: Eliminate These “Dirty Dozen” To Prevent Cancer

In this episode you’ll discover what foods, chemicals, components, vaccines, and heavy metals are.
damaging to your body. You’ll likewise discover how to determine and eliminate them from your life.

Episode 4: Your Secret Fountain of Youth

We reside in a a lot more poisonous world than we did 100 years earlier. There are approximated to be.
around 100,000chemicals now in commerce and just 3,500of which have actually been securely.

Throughout our every day life we remain in consistent contact with ecological contaminants. Cleansing is.
your secret to the eternal youth.

You will discover the very best detox techniques and why securely cleansing your body is so essential to.
keeping you cancer totally free, however you’ll likewise discover particular detailed guidelines on how to detox.
appropriately and particularly for cancer treatment.

Episode 5: Nature’s Pharmacy
In this episode, you’ll find out about how healthy food truly can be your medication. For thousands.
of years, human beings have actually utilized the plant life around them to assist treat their disorders. , if you stroll.
into the woods, you will be difficult pushed to discover anything that’s not medication.

Episode 6: Clean Foods & & The Cancer-Free Diet
All of us understand that “You are what you consume” and in this episode we’re going to reveal you precisely.
how to consume in such a way that will ruin cancer cells and obviously what to consume to keep you cancer-free utilizing supplements, nutrition and food.

Episode 7: Diagnostic “Do’s & & Do n’ts”– Proven Treatment Protocols Part 1
What if the popular diagnostic tests for cancer, such as mammograms and the PSA test, were.
inadequate (at finest) and really triggered cancer (at worst)? , if that concern captured your.
attention, you will absolutely wish to tune in to episode 7 as we discover that mammograms might not provide the life-saving advantages lots of females might expect.

Episode 8: Proven Treatment Protocols Part 2
In this episode, we will continue our journey to find out about tested cancer treatment procedures. We’ll gain from conducting doctors like Dr. Nick Gonzalez, Dr. Francisco Contreras, and Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. We will likewise discover the story of suppression of an absolutely non-toxic cancer treatment from documentary filmmaker and historian, G. Edward Griffin.

Episode 9: Proven Treatment Protocols Part 3
In this episode, we will continue our journey to find out about tested cancer treatment procedures. We’ll gain from Dr. Sunil Pai, Dr. James Forsythe, Dr. Bradford Weeks, R. Webster Kehr, Ian Jacklin, Dr. Ben Johnson, Dr. Daniel Nuzum, and Bob Wright.

Episode 10: Doctor’s Orders
If he/she were identified with breast cancer or colon, ever question what your medical professional would do.
cancer? Well in this episode, the medical professionals share precisely what they would do if identified with.
various type of cancer.

Episode 11: How to Thrive and endure
Discover first-hand from survivors, normal individuals much like you, that beat the chances. In this episode, you’ll speak with others who’ve battled and won the fight– and precisely how they did it. This is going to be an effective, inspiring, and incredibly instructional program that you will not wish to miss out on.

This series might conserve your life or somebody you enjoy.